FAQ & Terms and Conditions

1. Do you have a questIon?

The following are the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not on the list, please email us and we will respond within two business days. Thank you for your inquriy. We're here to help.

2. What payment forms do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, e-transfter, International certified bank draft, direct transfer TT to our account.

3. How long will it take to get my order?

Lee Baron Bespoke Custom Tailors - Our commitment to you:  Order delivery is between eight and ten weeks. 

4. Some firms claim they digitize cutting patterns. Why?

We have been doing this for several years now. Basically once your cutting pattern is made, we keep them all in digital form. A lot of companies are now using a cutting machine to cut your suit because they don’t have skilled cutters.

We still use a Shanghai tailor who cuts your suit by hand and is skilled in this art for many years. By using a cutting machine, there are several aspects of your suit shape that cannot be properly tailored-but it does make processing much faster and cheaper. We refuse to cut corners in this way.

5. Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?

There are generally no refunds for tailored clothing, however we do offer a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee. If there are any problems with your clothing ie. The fit is incorrect, something is delivered not as you have ordered etc. we will re-make/recut, alter the clothing has been sent to us - at NO COST to you.

This means we may arrange a pick up of the clothing from you at OUR COST or provide you a refund for regular post if you send it back for alterations. However, if after trying to rectify problems, we still cannot satisfy you, then we will issue you a refund of the product price.

6. What if my clothing does not fit as I expected?

If this happens, and it does happen 5% of the times, we will do everything to make sure the clothing fits well at NO COST to you. Your complete satisfaction is our absolute goal. We often have local alterations tailors you can visit to get your clothing fixed, or our representative will be in your area so you can see him to make adjustments. 

We may also need to collect the clothing from you for alterations-but this will not cost you anything at all. Once you make a purchase from us, you will not incur any further costs.  Please let us know if there are any such issues within 30 days of receiving your clothing.

7. Can I speed up delivery?

Yes, you can request a delivery date and pay an extra courier charge for faster deliveries. Please write to us at info@leebaron.ca for details.

8. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we can ship anywhere. However, please note if  the postal service in your country is unreliable, we suggest you pay a little more and have your clothing shipped by courier.

9. Is it possible to track my order?

We are currently improving our order tracking system. We expect it will be available soon. Please write to us at support@leebaron.ca and we will give you your order status.

10. What kind of guarantee do you offer on the apparel you make?

We make sure that you are completely  satisfied with your garments. Your garments should fit the way you like them to fit, the fabric quality and construction should be excellent so that nothing tears or falls apart soon after you wear the clothing. If something does go wrong, please let us know within 30 days of getting our garments and we will make sure it is corrected.

11. Will my clothing fit perfectly the first time?

Over 90% of the clothing we make fits well the first time. This is because we have several years  experience in taking measurements and judging how you like to wear your clothing. However, it is possible that your clothing may not fit the way you like it to. There is also the possibility that we have made an error in judgement.

In such cases, please work with us, and we will ensure that a correction is made and the proper measurements are recorded in your files. 

12. How long will you keep my measurement on file?

We keep your measurements on file for seven years. Each time you order you get a new seven years of information storage.

13. Do you share our personal data?

Absolutely NOT.  Your personal data is kept in our secure servers. We DO NOT share or sell this data. Your credit card information is destroyed after a certain period of time for safety.

14. Confidentially, who are your clients?

We have over 50,000 satisfied clients, and have tailored clothing for many across the globe from Manhattan to Stockholm, Copenhagen, across Europe, Hong Kong and more. And of course, Toronto and across Canada. Fortune 500 CEOs and executives, members of several Royal Families, Prime Ministers and politicians, Judges and lawyers, celebrities from well-known sports, music performers, and movie stars Your privacy is always maintained, and we never disclose names or their photos unless we have written approval from the individual. 

15. Does the ON-LINE TAILOR model work?

We have been tailoring clothing since 1962 and with our experience and expertise, we simply cannot recommend that you buy tailored clothing without having your measurements taken by a professional . Please note that many ONLINE tailoring companies, DO NOT advise you that they typically have a 65% failure rate, and that only 35% of their clients are happy repeat clients.

Our client return rate is 95% This is the way we think it should be for a personal tailored clothing designer and manufacturer.


Online ordering is a little easier for shirts , but we would not recommend you simply self measure or have a friend do this for you and then order a suit, jacket, pant or coat. If you wish to order online, please have a professional take your measurements.